Fun Rifts On The Classic Pizza Restaurant

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Fun Rifts On The Classic Pizza Restaurant

Fun Rifts On The Classic Pizza Restaurant

25 October 2021
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Who doesn't love pizza? It's satisfying, delicious, and affordable to make. But if you're thinking of opening a pizza restaurant, there is one important point to consider: competition is stiff. In most towns, there are already a lot of pizza restaurants, so if you want yours to be successful, you'll need to make it stand out. Here are some fun riffs on the pizza restaurant concept that can help set your business apart.

Pizza Around the World

One fun concept would be to offer various pizzas in the ways they're prepared around the world. Here are a few examples:

  • Thick Sicilian pizza
  • Baguette-like pizza from Poland
  • Deep Dish pizza from Chicago, Illinois
  • Pizza Bianca from Rome
  • Pizza topped with lamb, tomato, and lemon from Turkey

Your menu could include a selection of 5 or 6 different pizzas from around the world, which you could always make available. Or, alternatively, you could feature a different style of pizza each week. The latter approach will have customers coming in again and again, always excited to try something new.

Vegan Pizza

Veganism is becoming more common across the US. Many people are also opting to eat vegan more often, even if they do eat animal products on occasion. There are more vegan restaurants than there used to be, but vegans still sometimes struggle to find a good place to eat. So, an all-vegan pizza restaurant is sure to draw a crowd. You can spend a few weeks experimenting with different vegan cheeses and toppings to make sure that when you open, you have a really flavorful and delicious creation.

Pizza is not hard to make vegan, either. The crust and sauce are already vegan. Lots of great vegan cheeses exist, and the list of vegan toppings is practically endless.

Pizza With Different Sauces

Typically, pizza is made with a specific sauce and a specific cheese, plus whatever different toppings the customer chooses. What if you, instead, made the sauce the ingredient that differs between pizzas? In other words, your menu could consist of pizzas with a variety of sauces. You could have one with green pesto sauce, another with Alfredo sauce, and yet another with sweet tomato sauce. It's amazing what a difference a sauce can make in the flavor of a pizza, and this riff gives customers a chance to experience that.

Opening a pizza restaurant comes with some stiff competition. However, if you get creative, you can create a really interesting pizza-related concept that customers will embrace. Contact a local pizza restaurant to learn more tips.

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