5 Hacks For Ordering Pizza

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5 Hacks For Ordering Pizza

5 Hacks For Ordering Pizza

27 April 2021
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If you are one of the millions of people in the United States who consume pizza each year, and you like to order your pizza to-go from your favorite pizza restaurant, there are a few important pizza ordering hacks that you should know.

Hack #1: Ask for Extra Sauce

Most places will charge you extra if you want more toppings on your pizza. However, most pizza places will not charge you extra for a little more sauce. If you love the saucy element of your pizza, see if you can get extra sauce added to your pizza for no extra charge at your favorite pizza place.

Hack #2: Switch Up the Sauce

If you want to eat something that tastes a little different, stick with your favorite toppings, but change up the sauce. A Canadian bacon pizza will have a slightly different taste if you pair it with barbecue sauce, or buffalo sauce, or even a creamy white sauce. Changing the sauce is a great way to add a little extra zing to your favorite pizza. As an added bonus, it generally doesn't cost you any extra to swap out the type of sauce that is used on your pizza.

Hack #3: Try a Different Crust

Another way to change up your favorite pizza is by trying out a different type of crust. Try a thin crust instead of a regular crust. Try out a flavored crust or a stuffed crust. A slightly different crust can totally change your pizza experience.

Hack #4: Go for a Well-Done Pizza

When you order your pizza, most pizza places will let you choose how you want your pizza cooked. You can choose if you want your pizza cooked normally or want your pizza to be well done. If you like to have a nice and crispy crust and not a chewy one, you will want to go with the well-done or more cooked option from your favorite pizza place.

Hack #5: Join Rewards Programs

It is easier than ever to join rewards programs. You no longer have to carry twenty different cards in your wallet for each rewards program you belong to; you can instead sign up with your email address, phone number, or via an app. If you have a favorite pizza place that you like to go to, you will want to join their rewards program. After so many purchases, you will get something for free with many pizza rewards programs, such as a free small pizza or free drink or breadsticks. Your loyalty will be rewarded with stuff that you want to use.

The next time you order a pizza, try a different sauce and crust and ask for a little extra sauce to make things extra good. Ask for a well-done pizza, so it doesn't taste doughy, and give in and sign-up for that rewards program, as the rewards are worth it.

Reach out to a local pizza restaurant today to learn more.

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