4 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs To Get Burgin'

Are you planning a birthday bash for one of your loved ones? On this blog, you will discover the best types of restaurants to have a birthday party at.

4 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs To Get Burgin'

4 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs To Get Burgin'

20 August 2019
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There are few things as American as a juicy burger. This staple of American cuisine can be found everywhere from fast-food joints to greasy spoon diners to high-end fine dining establishments. While it may be associated mostly with cozy summer cookouts, the burger is just as at home in an upscale restaurant downtown. If you are currently treating burgers as second-class citizens in your restaurant, however, then it's time to reconsider this serious misstep. The artisan burger is quickly becoming a cornerstone of even the trendiest menus.

1. Quality Is King

Burgers can be found just about everywhere, but a good burger isn't always easy to come by. Customers respond to quality burgers, and many of those customers may be more than willing to try other items from your menu as well. Before building a reputation for bespoke, handcrafted burgers, it's important to build a reputation for quality. Even a plain cheeseburger can be a major draw (and a gourmet treat in and of itself) if it's good enough. Simply using high-quality ingredients and chefs who know their way around a burger patty can easily put you a step above the competition.

2. Upscale-Casual Is In

Believe it or not, upscale-casual is not a contradiction of terms. Many people crave environments that feel high-class and upscale while still wanting to avoid the stuffiness of formal dining. While there are many approaches to creating this particular environment, gourmet burgers are by far one of the best. By using the best ingredients and crafting unique burger experiences, you can blend the casual nature of this comfort food with the upscale feel of a fine dining environment.

3. Burgers Are Blank Canvases for Creativity

One of the best ways for any restaurant to make a name for itself is for its menu to express the unique creative ideas of its chef. Once upon a time, burgers may have been seen as boring and simple, but the modern burger is anything but. Instead, literally thousands of handcrafted burgers exist and the basic concept of a patty (it doesn't even have to be meat!) between two buns is really nothing more than a canvas for a chef's artistry. Artisan burgers with unique sauces, toppings, and even buns are everywhere, and they are a perfect opportunity for your restaurant to stand out from the crowd.

4. Sides Offer Opportunities Too

Fries? Forget it! Plain French fries can be great, but they're far from the only option available. Handcrafted burgers paired can be paired with a limitless number of potential sides. This is yet another area for your restaurant's chef to really show her chops and develop pairings that are as unique as they are delicious. As an added bonus, burgers complete with your own unique sides are incredibly photogenic and can work great as promotional material for your restaurant.

However you choose to approach them, handcrafted hamburgers will always make a great addition to any menu. Allowing your chef to go wild with both the burgers and the sides is guaranteed to earn your restaurant a special place in the hearts of your customers. 

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